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Au pair Morari in Moldova
Dear family,
My name is ,i turned 19 this year and i am glad to be a part of Au Pair programme.It’s my first time going on such a journey.Of course I have fears,having them is something natural,but i rely on values and qualities i got from my family .My parents worked a lot for being sure we get everything we need(i have a bigger brother),and i am crying writing about this,about how blessed i was with them.My mother work abroad as a nurse ,my dad in Moldova as an engineer,and my 25 years old brother as a programmer.They are all so kind and respectful not only to eachother,but to everyone.My mother is also my best friend,she taught me to be strong,and i taught her to be open about her feelings,if she is feeling low-that is okay,if she is feeling happy that is way better.My dad is such a sweetheart,the way he is proud of me and praise me around his friends melts my heart,he can be proud of me just because i still hug him even though i am not a child anymore.My brother always was and still is my biggest support,he encourage everything i do and push me to try harder everytime.Most of my time i spend with my brother and a friend of mine,because we live together in the capital of Moldova,Chisinau.It may sound funny but living with them makes me feel like a mother,having that kind of responsibility for their lives,i worry if they do not answer at my phone calls,i worry when they are sick.
I decided to be part of this programme because i love kids,i enjoy spending time with them,i like how creative they are ,especially when it comes to inventing games.The most memorable moment was when i spent the summer with my neighbour’s grand daughters,Sarah was 9 years old,and Elia was 9 months old(they came from France),and at the end of the summer Elia said my name even though she could barely speak at all.I also used to spend a lot of time with my cousin,he was 10 years old by then(now we are in different cities ),with other kids from school as i was a voluntary in an orthodox organization and i was doing with them handmades.
Being in a permanent evolution is vital for me,is vital for my existance and mood.So i always tend to find new hobbies.I am passionate about acting,about film making,producing,music,programming, psychology and football.I am a good person, daughter,but also a good friend and teacher, because i treat people the way i want to be treated.Right now i am working as robotics trainer for children at a company,and i think children are an incredible source of positivity,they give you a lot of emotions and still are full of energy.I appreciate working with them,maybe i am lucky but i am in good relathionships with all of them.I just imagine being on their place and imagine the way i would like to be treated.They are all different and smart,and active,i remember how one of them,the youngest(he was 7 years old) wrote his firts programme in Arduino by himself, i was so pround of him,like of my own child.
Being a part of your family would be an honor for me,so i will try my best to embrace the new circumstances as fast as i can.I was abroad twice and i came back more alive than ever. I was in Poland and Romania,and i hope to travel all over the world,to discover it ,what can
be more entertaining ?I heard once danish,it seems like a hard language,but an interesting one,everything i can say at the moment in danish is “hej”.I hope to reach a conversational level and to assimilate your traditions ,values.

Thank you for your time and consideration!