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Dear Host family,
My name is Abigale . I'm 26 years old. I was born and grew up in Ningbo, a city of Zhejiang province. Ningbo is a coastal city, so there are so many sea-foods. I'm a food junkie, so please allow me to mention it. I hope I can show you my hometown some day, this is a beautiful city! I have had been working as an aupair in America in the past one and half years. I was in Seattle, a beautiful city. I took care of two kids, they are 9 years old and 11 years old. And we got a cute dog. We spent amazing moment that time. Thanks for this experience I learned so many, not only the culture but also the way we could get along with children and of cause I got practised of taking care of chidren, cooking, reading, planning activities, teaching and the most important thing is protect them from dangers. I had taught children several courses during winter and summer vacation when I was in college , such as math, Chinese, calligraphy, painting etc. At lunch time, some children were too young to have a meal by themselves, they may ate slower than other older children and didn’t concentrate on eating. Then I need to lead them to eat. After lunch, I arranged children have a nap, thus these littleones can have more energy in the afternoon. Also I used to be a teacher to teach 7-12 ages children, feeling tired is indisputable. But still they bring me happiness, makes me keep a childlike innocence. Although now I'm on work, when I have a chance to go back home, I will teach my niece and play with her. I know what they really want from us. Not only we can help them on life and study, but also can be a friend to accompany and communicate with them.
I have so many hobbies. I often play badminton, ride a bike to the town, go camping, and climbing the mountain etc. I also enjoy cooking, reading books, listening to the music and watching movies. I like dancing and singing. I had participated in the dancing club, music club and fencing club during college.
best regards