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My name is Piyatip but you can call me “Pi-yah”. I’m 22 years old. I’m from Thailand. I live in Samutprakan province, Central of Thailand. I graduated with Bachelor Degree from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, majoring in English, Burapha University. There are 2 people in my family: Mom and myself. My dad passed away 3 years ago from stock. My mom is decoration designer. I'm cheerful, smiley, positive thinking, easy-going, energetic, and get along with people easily. The important thing is I’m responsible and flexible. In my free time, I'm so into traveling, doing new things, and watching movie. I like when I'm surrounded by things or people I don’t know. I can learn from any new experiences I took. I like watching movie, all sort of movie, primarily comedy and romance. I enjoy going shopping and see what's going on over there. I like cooking as well even I sometimes ask Google for help. I like to watch documentary, sometimes it's useful than I thought. And if I have free time I like going to Art Gallery as well, go to see how beautiful and creative they are. Now I’m currently working as secretary and interpreter at Hwa Fong Thailand,the company produces tube and tire for bicycle and motorbike.
Regarding Child Care experience, I worked as a teacher assistant at kindergarten. I took care of 2-6 years old children, around 20-30 children per class. For my duties are prepare lessons, supervise homework for example; teach them write alphabets or number, sing and dance for sport class, take care them when they do activities at playground, science class, clay class, feed them especially little kids who don’t know how to use spoon and fork, send to sleep after launch till they fall asleep, potty training, diaper changing, bathing. It was very good experiences. I learned how to handle them about emotions when they were cranky, happy, or sleepy. I really missed their smiley face.