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Marital status
Has got driver license
Has experience in childcare
Preferred startup date
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English - Upper Intermediate

Dear My Future Host Family,

Good day!
I’m healthy and super ready to be an au pair. ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ

Hi! My name is Kharyn, 29 years old. I’m currently living in the Philippines. I am looking for a host family in Europe who would like to get me as their au pair. I always desired to see the other side of the world where I can possibly see an actual castles and snow. By this program, it will help me realize my dream of going to a European country even if it’s only for a maximum of two years or less. Still, it’s an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime for me. To experience your culture at the same time showing our good sides too. Be able to learn your language and see your country’s biodiversity.

At a young age, I already know how to cook and do household chores which are taught by my loving parents in order for me to be independent and survive when they’re not around. With regards to childcare, it’s not new to me. Though it’s not my profession, but it’s always have been my obligation and responsibility as the eldest of the family. I always love being with children. They are very genuinely comforting and enjoyable to be with. In the Philippines, we are very family oriented. We value so much our family that we take good care each other especially the young ones. Most if not all, we have a very strong work ethics. For good rapport, I believe being patient, understanding, compassionate and respectful are very essential.

I know that I am taking a leap of fate here, but still I’m hoping that you will consider this dreamer to be part of your family or even at least be interviewed by you.That would be awesome. (^,^)
For as long as there’s respect with each other, I’m sure we will live harmoniously.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Sincerely yours,

Kharyn ^-^