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Au pair Chanakan in Netherlands
Dear family
You can call me Min. I am Thai. I am currently an Au pair on months 8 in the Netherlands. I am available to start in December . I am having a great time being an Au pair so far and still I want to continue doing it more :) .Ever since I have started to become an Au pair made me such a very different person than I am used to be and of course in a good way :). I became more mature , clam and be able to decide whatever best choice for everyone.I can cook anything as well and I have got cooking skills because of this program for sure ><.I am so happy about it. Spending time with kids is always a great joyful for me.I love to bake and it is more fun if I get to teach kids how to do so. Living outside of my own parents home make me able to do things on my own. Working and Traveling in another country that isn’t my hometown give me an excitement especially that I could afford all the travel costs all by my self without asking my parents. I drove a couple long road trips around in the US with friends was one of my favorite thing I have done. And I wish I could do it in the Eu countries as well. My first year as an Au pair was in California which was great experience I have ever had in my life before. I got to be a member of another group that now are my another family. I spent a great quality times with them for 2 and a half years ,also with my friends or even alone. I had an awesome memories that would never forget my whole life. And once I finished the program in the US. After that I went back to Thailand and spend some time with my family and I still missed the time I work as an Au Pair so, I decided to try in Europe country as I always wanted to visit here.and I did. Hope you all are doing well and I am looking forward to talking to you soon. :)