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Au pair Charryfel in -
To my future Host Family,

A warm greetings to you!

I go by the name Charry. I'm 28 years old, a resident of Republic of the Philippines. I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management. I took this course for I love everything about travel and tourism. I am always delighted when I'm about to visit a new country, city and its towns. Having a chance to witness how big our world is to be surrounded with different unique races and aesthetic wonders of nature. I am constantly learning the distinction of a place to the other place I've been to, from cuisine, culture, arts and languages spoken - the ultimate reason why I wanted to experience being an Au Pair. As for I know this exchange cultural program will allow me to deepen my knowledge about the country I'm about to explore and it is my genuine pleasure to help my future host family in return.

It is my utmost responsibility to take good care of the children of my host parents most specially when they are at work or running some personal errands. I can prepare a healthy breakfast and pack delicious snacks for your children. I enjoy preparing healthy meals that is appealing to every kid as what I also prepare here with my nieces and nephews. When I don't have work, I look after my cousin's children since the day they were born up to sending them to their respective schools, help them with their schoolwork's, and play with them. I consider my self as their second guardian. Childcare takes a lot of patience and I have this personality to connect with them and assure that they are heard, understood and make them feel loved all the time. I'll make sure that your children will be fed, practices good hygiene, having a good quality of sleep or afternoon naps and will always look after for their safety. I'll make sure also that they will enjoy our playtime together. I am enthusiastic to play with them with their favorite sports.

I am well adept when it comes to household chores. As I, myself, always kept my room and our house clean and tidy. I will be glad to help you with the following chores listed but not limited to:

• Making the children's beds
• Tidying the children's rooms
• Cook meals for the family as I am eager to try and learn to cook your cuisine if given the chance to.
• Washing the dishes
• Cleaning / Sweeping a specific area/s in the house
• Emptying the rubbish

I always have a heart for any kinds of animals. If your family has a pet, I am willing to take care of them as well.

I'm the type of person who values family and friendship.
I have this characteristic of being an optimistic one. I always see the bright things in life and having a positive outlook.
I embrace new environment, new acquaintances, new learnings and new experiences.
I am flexible and can easily adapt to tasks assigned to me.
I am eager to learn new languages.
I know how to ride a bicycle.
I am a Non-Smoker.

My work experiences are mostly in the logistics industry. I handle sea freight export shipments originating in the different countries of Europe and transporting the cargoes to other countries. I already have an experience working with different nationalities although our communication are just via call and email. I decided to resigned in the corporate world for now, as I am about to pursue my long time dream of living abroad. I'm excited to experience what life has more to offer.

Thank you very much for reading this far. If you are interested, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and answer wholeheartedly all your questions.

Kindest regards to your family.