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Dear Host Family:
Hello, my name is Danica, and I am 24 years old. I worked as a teacher for kids 5-8 years old and 11-12 years old. Cum Laude awarded me a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in English in March 2019. I went to Indonesia before as an exchange student teacher from January to February 2019, and I handled diverse students from 13–14 years old. I am a Licensed Professional Teacher here in the Philippines.
I've participated in cultural exchange programs before and becoming an Au Pair encourages me to do it once again. I am adaptable, flexible, honest, independent, well-organized, reliable, and affectionate. I enjoy camping, hiking, and swimming at the beach because I'm a pretty adventurous person. I also like to watch Netflix, watch movies, and work with kids on art projects.
I have a passport and fully vaccinated. I speak English fluently and willing to learn the language and culture of my host family. I have some housekeeping skills, including the ability to clean, wash dishes, and do laundry. I don’t also have some special diet, but I am allergic to seafoods. I love pets and a non-smoker too.
As for my childcare experience, I took care of my younger sister when she was a newborn until the age of 4, since my younger sister and I are 14 years apart in age. While my mother is selling in the market, so I used to look for my younger sister when she was a baby, like changing diapers, playing with her, making formula, and feeding her. When she is about to go to a nursery, I prepare her things in school from preparing her uniform, bathing her, preparing her food, dropping her off to school, and picking her up. I just take care of her in the morning because my mother works as a vendor and my father is a farmer who must take care of the animals.
Since I currently reside in Manila and my family is in the province, I occasionally assist my Aunt in caring for his 10-month-old kid by playing with him while she is out shopping, changing diapers, and occasionally lulling him to sleep and reading him stories.
Along with helping children with their schoolwork, getting ready for school, and practicing their reading and writing, I would also love to do some activities with them. If I had the chance to learn the language and the culture of my host country, I would also like going to a language school.
My father is a farmer while my mother is a vendor and a housewife. My parents are very supportive to us as long as we are in the right path. They worked very hard just let us finished our studies.
Me and my older sister is currently living away from our family because we are working in Manila, capital of the Philippines. I've been away for my family for more than two years now. Since we are way from them, I become independent and learn to live with my sister. My younger brother and sister are still a student that's why me and my older sister are working hand in hand for their tuition and other necessities at home. Whenever we will go for a vacation in our hometown, my parents never failed to have a bonding time together.
After my experience as an exchange student teacher in Indonesia for one month, I began to love the idea of going to one country and learn more about the tradition and culture, that is why I searched online and discover on how to be an au-pair.
I am also a teacher and helping the host family with their children would be more easier with me since I've handled a lot of kids from my experience.
Living in Europe is one of my biggest dream because of the opportunity that it has to offer and being an au-pair in is one of my stepping stone to reach that dream. Being a teacher makes me love the children and the relationship that I build with them makes my heart gets overwhelm. I also want to discover the tradition, culture, and learn the language of my host country. If would given a chance I would also love to study Childcare Education abroad after my au-pair year/contract.