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Au pair Rozárka in Czech Republic
Hi! My name is Rozárka. I will be 26 years old in March. In June 2023 I am going to end my school education in fashion design. In summer holidays I have some camps I would like to accomplish before I will head to my new adventure as au pair, so I would like to start at the end of August.
I live in Czech Republic in the middle of Europe. I was born in Prostějov which is small town. Last 3 years I live in Brno – in the second lagerst town in Czech Republic. But It’s not that huge, we are small country in general. I live in shared flat 2+1 with roommate, where one room is mine, second is my roomate's.
I have 11 years older brother. He moved out when I was in 4th grade, so I sometimes felt like an only child. We have normal sister-brother relationship. My parents are divorced. We used to celebrate Christmas together with all members of father's part family every year. And also i have spent a big parts of summer holidays with both of my grandparents. With mum we used to went to Croatia for holidays almost every year until i have discovered, that i dont like summer, beaches or sea. I always liked going skiing/snowboarding in winter.
Because of my love for winter sports I have always wanted spent winter seasson at the mountains. So I became ski instructor about 6 years ago. I spent 1 whole seasson teaching. After it I started going to school again, so i spent teaching every weekends, holidays and other free days I have from school. Usually I teach individuals which is one (or two) client from age 3 till adults. Some are for the first time on skis, some wanna just improve their style. We teach as well group lessons. Thats are kindergardern kids.
My first experience with children was in 2017 when I started leading school trips and summer camps. I like it a lot. In my life I have tried few different jobs – seller in the shop, making T-shirts print in company, working in fabric shop, cleaning, hostess on many events, but only one that never felt like job is instructor. Winter activities or summer ones, it doesn’t matter. I worked in adrenalin centre, where I led school trips or summer camps, in winter I teach skying. It’s great responsibility to take care of group of +/- 20 kids, but great joy as well.
In my free time I like to play games – on pc, board games with friends and last two years I fell into the dungeon and dragons. Besides my fantasy nerds hobbies I like some sports as well – in line skating, swimming, hiking, camping in nature. I cant forgot about sewing. I am in my last grade of fashion design school. I like making costumes from my favourite games, fairy tails, or my own characters I designe.
For my future, I have no clear idea. I have boyfriend for 3 years, who is super supportive for me to become au pair. He know it is big experience, which can be only helpful for our future life. We woud like to have our own home when I will come back. Only one sure thing is that once I need at least 2 cats in my life.