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Au pair Jamaica in Netherlands
Dear future host Family
I am Jamaica and I am 24 years old, I am living alone here in General Santos city, which lies at the southern part of the Philippines, I am currently working as a school registrar and a part time online English teacher .

My family lives an hour away but I see them every week end and holiday. My parents live in a village where one of the primary source of income is farming , I have 3 younger brother and they are in high school now , my mom is selling rice cake in our neighborhood my father own a small farm , our life are very simple but very happy and positive . I took care of my little brothers and my nephew during their childhood. Bath them, prepare their meals, clean their toys, put them to bed and read them bedtime stories. I still remember before, every night we had fun by telling them stories before going to sleep and I named the character after them I still remember their adorable faces being so excited and happy. I have a really great bond with my sibling up until now, they always call me and very excited for me to visit them. During holidays I also spent my time with the children in our neighborhood, since my little brothers are already a grown up now I cooked them foods like spaghetti their favorite, entertained the children and we had lots of fun playing hide and seek, dancing, coloring and many more games

I also do all the household chores in our house since I am the only girl and it is our culture that while you are young and preparing to become a woman you have to learn all the chores and become responsible. And yes thanks to that culture I become responsible big sister and Daughter now that I become Independent. I also become a scholar during my college , and aside from my scholarship I am working in the foundation office as a stay in helper , I do all the chores, cooking , cleaning the house and other task in exchange they provide all my other needs , like food , allowance, and board and lodging.

I am a country girl , I was born and grow up in a country side area and being with nature is really one of my most favorite place , but now I’ve been living in the city for almost 10 years from the year I entered college until now that I am working . . In my spare time, I love watching movies, Hollywood movies, it helps me learn English and speak English fluently. I also love reading, especially English novels. One of my favorite authors is J.K Rowling and I can’t wait to have access to an English Library to browse through all the literature I like!”

“I would love to become your next Au Pair because I love to travel and learn different culture, meet new friends all around the world and gain experience I surely never forget, aside from that I love children and enjoy spending time with them, I have knowledge in all household chores, I am easy to be with and I am very respectful especially to your house rules.
This will be my first time being an Au Pair but I am used to not seeing either my family because I’ve been away from them since college , I am a working student before and stay at my host family home in exchange of free educations so I don’t think I will become particular home sick

I am really curious to hear all about you and your children. I hope you like my letter and I can’t wait to hear back from you.

Thank you for reading my letter

Kind regards,