Letter to Host Family

Dear My Host Family

Hai My name is Nurlatifah Afriani, and eveybody usually calls me Afi. I'm student at one of university in Jakarta, Capital region of Indonesia and taken Chinese Literature as my major. I will finish my study next year, I hope I can finish it at February.
I'd like to work as an aupair in Canada or Luxembourg, I have some reason why I choose two countries. I choose Canada because this country is very fascinating and interesting, another reason is langauage, English is the most important langauage in the world. And Luxembourg because I want to more practice my ability to speak German. It would be wonderful for me to connect this with my passion to spend time with children.

My Family

My Mom Ima (47) and my Dad Budi (48). I have one sister and two brothers. My sister name is Ifa, study in Law School, she's 20 years old, then my first brother, he went to Police Academy, his name is Bagus (18) and the last one is Andian (15) he's student of Purbalingga 1 High School.
I'm very glad that I have a very good relationship with my family. Mommy is very important for me, I can tell anything to her. And Dadd is my best friend, he always protect me as long as his life. We four very very very love the cat, We've ever have the cat, named Reno. But Reno has passed away due to illness. and we are not yet thinking to adopt the cat again.

My Education
After graduate from Elementary School, Mommy was sent me to Junior High Boarding School, then I continued to Purbalingga 1 High School and being Social Student. And now in University I take Chinese Literature. Actually I don't like chinese language but my father always force me. And I will finish them next year.
I was learn English hardly since still 4th grade at Elementary school, and starting interest for German Language when I was in High School.

25 år, Indonesia

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