Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,
My name is Tien Thao (Tien) and I am originally from Vietnam. I am a 23 year-old girl, an English teacher who has over 3-year teaching children and working in education field. I was born and bred in Dalat-Vietnam, which is a city of flowers with fresh air, nice French villas, beautiful waterfalls, gorgeous lakes, etc. My family that gives me so much proud is always my endless inspiration. My father, a kind police office, gives time and effort to express his responsibility as the sold breadwinner for us even though how hard it is. My mother is a primary teacher, teaching me moral behavior lessons and true philosophies. She takes me as her first priority and glimpses of hope in my bad times. My brother, Tai, is currently living and working as an IT consultant in one of the most beautiful and happiest country in the world – Norway.

I love teaching and enjoy taking care of children. In addition, I want to experience new customs and new cultures in a different country. My aim is being a smart girl, exploring more places, discovering the world and meeting new friends. Besides, the challenges in foreign country really test my qualifications and skills I have. To be an Au Pair, living away from home make me stronger and stronger, so I would be face the challenge things, and I could handle and tackle with so many problems. The housework is not going to be a big deal since I have helped my parents since I was a child. How to take care children is actually not a problem with a nursery English teacher like me. I quite understand children’s psychology, feelings and actions, also. Finally yet importantly, I would apply my teaching ability to support your family and improve myself. I would, I'm sure that, I have responsibility for taking care of your family and absolutely, I could learn a lot from you. These memories from Au Pair family will be treasure forever that I am never ever going to forget.

24 years, Vietnam

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