Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,

Thank you for taking time to read my letter.
I am Glaiza , 24-year-old, female and I’m living at General Santos City, Philippines.
It was always a great dream of mine to live and work in a foreign country. I want to experience how to live in a place I’ve never been before and to experience living in a different culture. I am an outgoing person who loves to travel, meet new people and to discover new things. I always give time to travel in our tourist destination here in our country. I am dreaming of traveling overseas and to experience other culture. I believe being an AU Pair is the best way to reach that dream.
My father is a farmer. My mother worked overseas since I was a child and she didn’t return home since then. Growing up without a mother on our side is indeed challenging. As an eldest among my two siblings, I have to stand as their second mother since my father is busy working for our living. At an early age, I developed a great sense of responsibility. I was the one assisting my siblings with their home works, and preparing our foods and stuffs before going to school.
I have no problem with household chores because I was living independently since college until now. Also, I am sometimes asked to look for my little cousins. My task is to prepare their foods and help them with their home works.
Currently, I am a Project Development Officer in Local Government Unit. My responsibility is to transcribe and take minutes of meeting. This job develops my skills in English language.
Before I landed with my current job, I also became a sales officer at an insurance company. The sales job is tough but it taught me how to be patient and to deal with people in various personalities.
One of my best characteristics is my tolerance. I learned that it is very important to be tolerant and respect individual’s diversity in all aspects.
I hope I am the right person you entrust to take care of your children soon.

25 år, Philippines

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