Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,

My name is Nattharinee or you can call me Mook. I am 27 years old. I am adaptive to new culture and new environment. I don’t have problem with adjusting to American culture, hence, I am very confident, I will be able to get along fine with my new host family in Norway. When I have free times, I will do my favorite activities such as bicycling and swimming. I love kids. I am responsible, generous, caring, hard- working and thoughtful person.

My interest, I ride a bicycle twice a week and go to the swimming pool once a week with my nephew or my friends. Cooking is also one of my favorite activities. I think I am quite good at cooking Thai food. I would like to cook Thai for my host family occasionally which I am highly confident that you would love it. Plus I very much enjoy traveling as it is a way I see more of the world and learn about new knowledge about other countries. As an Au Pair I am willing to take part in all kind of housework as I like to keep the house clean and tidy.

I like Norway because I am an outdoorsy and nature lover. Clearly, Norwegian nature and landscape is absolutely breathtaking. Also it’s an open, free, creative and safe country. That’s why I want to spend an exchange year there. When I’m with my host family I will talk to them as about interesting things about their country and local culture. When I’m free I am going to catch up with friends to do some fun activities together like sightseeing, making a trip to interesting places in Norway or even outside Norway. I am up for an outdoor activity, going for a walk, go to the park, playground especially when the weather is nice, if not, I can craft or baking cookies and cake.

Thank you for your time reading my profile. I hope my qualification fits your family’s requirement and I hope to get to know your family better soon!

Best Regards

27 år, Thailand

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