Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,

First of all, let me say my high gratitude for taking the time to read this letter.

My name is Yani. I am from Bali, Indonesia, where most people call it as the island of Gods or also known as the land of thousand temples. I am 24 years old, I live in Kuta while my parents and my little sister (13 years old) live in a small village in the North of Bali. I've got also a sister, who is one year older than me, and she is also living in Kuta but we live in a different area.
At the moment, I work part time as a customer service and as a nanny. I take care two adorable kids. The big brother is called Aden (2.5 years old) while the youngest is Esme (1 year old). They are very active kids. I have been taking care of them since July 2018. Seeing them grow up that fast is truly a blessing.
On the weekdays, I start my work at 8 am in the morning until 8 pm. I work occasionally on the weekend. So I can definitely say that I am a hard worker :D
Living abroad and taking care of the kids are such a perfect combination. Living in another country has always been my dream. It's a big opportunity to learn another language and to improve my English. Besides, I do believe it can help me to improve myself and my sense of responsibility too. Meanwhile, working with children is part of my passion. I realize that is not always easy to handle them, but it will never stop me to keep learning about their world.
As an introvert person, I like spending time with myself by reading or listening to music. I love going to the beach with my colleagues or sometimes with my sister on the weekend. I don't bother to meet new people from different country and make some new friends. Because life is too short if I just enjoy the time with myself and explore my own min. :D
I wish to have experience as part of your family and as a big sister for your children. I hope you enjoy reading my letter and looking forward to hearing from you. :D

Yours, Yani.

25 år, Indonesia

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