Letter to Host Family

Dear Future Family,

I am Robelle Monsanto, 27 years old and currently living here in Philippines. I am the third in four siblings which composed of 3 girls and one boy, our youngest. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Information System (or I.T related course) at Marinduque State College (Marinduque is one of the provinces in the Philippines) . I am very much willing and excited to be a part of your family. I am hardworking, patient, responsible and honest person. I can assure you that I will give you my service with love and dedication.

To tell you honestly, eventhough I don't have kids yet, I feel happy whenever I get along and play with them. I believe that every children is a blessing and that we should take care of them and I think I can do that and treat them as my own little brothers and sisters. Just to let you know, I am interested and willing to learn your language so that I can get along with you and with others. I can also help your children with their needs - proper attention, care, homework, a friend and a sister. I can cook basic dishes but I'm willing to learn more cause I find it interesting. Regarding some households, I can be of help also. I also believe that the house is the mirror of one's personality or self. Thank you!

You can reach me at facebook: Belle La Monsanto or skype: Robelle Monsanto

Your Future Au Pair,

27 years, Philippines

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