Letter to Host Family

Dear Future Host Family,

I am Krizel , 23 years of age, born in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. I grew up in a simple and loving family which my father and mother are farmers. My family use to do farming but not our own land. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. At the very young age I already know how to do household chores as I also look after for my younger siblings as my parents go to work. I really love to study and pursue my dreams, but unluckily my parents can't afford my college studies. I never gave up on learning so I make way to study. I took only vocational course which is Bread and Pastry Production NC II.

Last March 2014, I started to work as an helper and ended last March 2016. I took care a one year old baby boy. I also do all around cleaning, laundry, and cooking. I wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for my employer before they go to work. When the baby was awake, I change his diaper and feed him. I take him to bath and play. While he was sleeping, its my time to do the cleaning and prepare for dinner. I ended working for them after two years when the family migrated abroad. As of now I'm working for a family with two children, ages 5 and 7, both girls. I started working to the family since April 2016 up to present. We have breakfast together and help the two kids to get dress for school. As my employers were busy of their own business, sometimes I send the kids to school and fetch them as well. I do also the cleaning, laundry, ironing, marketing and most of all cooking.

I am looking forward for your response. I am very much ready to have interview anytime in your set of schedule. Thank you!

Wishing Best,

24 years, Philippines

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