Letter to Host Family

Dear Future Host Family,
Good Day,
First I would like to say thank you for giving a time reading these application, I would love to share about myself in these letter. I am Joana, 26 yrs old from the Philippines. I am a Filipina, Filipino known on their some personality traits and characteristics being Hospitable, Respectful, Strong Family Ties, Religious,Helpful, Loving, Caring, Witty, Funny and Easy Going and that's exactly my personality as a person. I am also very Reponsible, Hardworking and Industrious person. I don't have yet experience working as an Aupair in other countries but on my own country I have a experience taking care of kids age 3,5,7 and 10 or almost 5yrs. During my highschool summer vacation I always go to the city and take care of my younger sister aged 3. On my college years I spent my life staying with my cousins age 5,7 and 10. I was the one who is helping my aunt to take care of them since she help and support me financially on my studies. By now I'm helping my cousin to take care his son aged 3. I also experience to take care my grandfather who have a pneumonia/tb that turns into a lung cancer, I also do a lot of household chores. I love pets specially dogs. I want to be an Aupair because I want to support and help my family financially, I want to learn new culture, new language and meet new people. It's my honor and pleasure to work with your family if you'll given me a chance. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You! Have a wonderful day!

27 years, Philippines

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