Letter to Host Family

I'm a friendly, cheerful, independent and open-minded girl. I was graduated from high school in 2016 (which is two years early), and half a year later I finished my Flight Attendant program, but my age is too young so I haven't meet the age requirements. I also trained how to do CPR and First Aid.

I used to do anything alone when I lived far away from home. I've traveled to several Asian countries alone. I can learn something new quickly and I'm more mature than my age now.

I used to do some light housework both in my parents' house and my apartement, so some light housework wouldn't be a problem for me. I love everything well-organized and clean.

At home I speak 3 languages, Bahasa Indonesia and two local languages. I speak English, Bahasa Indonesia and basic Korean with my friends.

My current activity :
- Volunteer teaching in elementary school. I teach the kids how to play music instruments.

I was a member of a marching band for 4 years, which means I'm able to play some music instruments. I can teach your kids to play melodica and marching bell or mini marching bell for toddler if you want to.

Experiences with childrens :
- As a volunteer teacher in elementary school. I could deal with so many childrens at that time, from the naughty ones to the well-behaved. I taught them how to count, read, write and sing together. Sometimes I taught them how to play some music instruments.
- As a big sister for my cousins (2-10 years old ). I was with them since they were born , both of them very close and clingy to me. We spent a lot of times together, sometimes I help the oldest one to do her homework. Even thought now we rarely play together because I live separately with them, I take my time at least once a week to go home and meet them.

20 år, Indonesia

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