Letter to Host Family

Good day My Future Host Family,
This is my first time to encounter this program and my eyes sparkled, not just because of money but because I've been looking for opportunities to learn another culture, to learn outside my comfort zone and of course Europe has been my dream (I really love European history :) ). If I had found this many years ago, I will definitely sign up for it. But while researching what Au Pair is all about, I've read many studies, reports, personal blogs, abusive and success stories of Au Pairs and host families who participated in this program. I have assess my capabilities - emotionally, physically, and mentally, the pros and cons and if I will take the first step.

And yes, I will do it no matter what. For the sake of new learning, to widen my perspective and to adapt new skills and experience it myself how to live with the happiest people in the world, according to World Happiness Report :)
I know you are not just looking for someone who can help you in your day-to-day lives but to live a better life for you and your family. I still believe that good things will work out for those who believe in the power of courage, kindness, trust, respect, responsibility, and happiness.
I am excited to share my life with you, willingly to learn the rhythm of a Scandinivian family, to know more about your kids and how can we relate with each other, help you with household chores while studying your language, your city, your culture, experience the weather, and of course your lovely member of the family - dogs and cats :) If you want to arrange any vacations, or plan activities for festivals, I would love to help as I really love to travel and organizing events, make travel arrangements,take good photos while you are smiling with your family members and friends. I can imagine how happy we are when we see each other in the airport :)

Your Energetic, Curious, Smiling Future Au Pair,
Rose :)

27 år, Philippines

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