Letter to Host Family

Hello Host Family,

People knew me as a friendly, energetic and talkative person. Since I was influenced by my family who are hospitable and friendly. I love talking to foreigners and knowing another culture and language. That's why I also have friends from other country. I am also an English tutor, I got to teach kids in person before and online at the moment.
I took care of my nephew since he was born, since my sister is still living with us. I enjoy my time with my nephew. He is a year old now.
It is fun to have an interactive experience with other people. I am very much excited to get to know the host family very soon!

As for my personality, I am very jolly, honest, flexible and easy going person. My students often commented that I gave brightness in our class. I don't want dull time. As much as possible, I create a fun atmosphere. I may crack jokes, which includes funny and not.

I don't smoke. I can't drive a car, but I do ride bicycle. I love arts and crafts (that's why I am an Engineering graduate). I made them since I was a kid and until now, I do it for fun and for gifts for my friends. I like playing guitar, billiard and badminton. My family love to sing, so do I.

I do know a lot of baby songs. My nephew listens to it every now and then. I see to it that my nephew or my students will have an interactive social life, while having a positive attitude toward others.

I am looking forward to get to know your family more and let see if we fit to each other. So long!

25 år, Philippines

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