Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,
I'm Jeramie , 27 years old, 4ft 4 inches tall, from Philippines and I have scoliosis
( Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person's spine has a sideways curve.) I have 4 siblings and I am 4th among of them. I am High School graduate (2011), and I took just basic course in Pasig Livelihood Training Center as Dressmaking (2013), housekeeping (2015). I used to work as a babysitter for about 6 1/2 months to a 10 months old baby girl (2014) and 1.5 month old baby girl (2019)
As a babysitters my duties are:
Changing diapers
Preparing bottles
Getting kids ready for bed
Performing light housekeeping
Bathing and dressing children.

I know how to cook and bake simple meal and I know how to do household chore.
I'm Unique physically but I'm polite,hardworking, humble, honest to my fault and I have lots of patient with children. I love outdoors activities like running and walking. Despite of my condition
I am still physically fit and mentally stable I can send you my medical certificate if required. I may not have much experience being an Au-Pair, but I am willing to learn and I'll do the best things that I could just to be a good Au-Pair in your family.

My main interest to experience European Culture and learn the language, also to learn new things to enhance my knowledge and skills and also to get more new experience in life. Becoming an Au-pair is the great opportunity for me also will help me a lot in the future and becoming an Au-pair it challenge me a lot.

I want to find a family willing to hire me and to accept my condition.
I'm okay with a family with 3 child age 3 -10 yrs old.
I just arrived in Skagen denmark last Friday, I would love to find host family.
And I would love to start by march. Im holding Tourist Visa.

27 år, Philippines

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