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Dear sir/Madam,
Good day to you. I am Neralyn 29 years old. I will start my background telling about my family. My family earn on farming which is not much to maintain our big family. I have 5 siblings and I am the youngest. I started working when I finish my high school. At the age of 18 I worked for a family of 4 for 8 years. My responsibilities to them are to cook for them and prepare the two kids to get ready for school I prepare their uniforms, bags and snacks for school. When the school service picked them that Is when I starting doing cleaning the house, throwing garbage and washed the dishes. Sometimes my employer sends me to go to the bank and make transaction for them.My employer is a land leaser they owned a 1 hectare land that they made for lease. I am assigned to collect the rental every 15th days and end of the month. I am also authorized to issues an official receipt.At my first year my employer offer me to go to school for college. I took up hotel and restaurant technology (HRT) associate. After I graduated, my employer allowed me to work outside but still I stayed in their home. All I need to do is to cook for them in the morning and washed the dishes when I went home after work wash all the dirty clothes clean the house in my day off.Last 2017 I tried to apply abroad. I got work in Qatar as sales lady at lulu hypermarket. Life was not easy in other countries; I need to deal with different nationalities which give me a good experience as customer service. Now that my contract is about to end I want to try another country particularly in Norway.I have keen interest about new cultures and languages and working with employers with varied lifestyles. As such I felt that applying an au pair.In Norway they would give me new opportunities to meet and learn the cultures of a new country. In addition, it would also provide me with personal and financial growth that enables me to help my family back in the philippines with a better life.thank you!

30 år, Philippines

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