Letter to Host Family

Hi my name is Babylyn and I’m your future aupair from Philippines. My family and my friends call me at my nickname “SAB” it is the acronym of my name backward. If you like you may call me that name too. I’m 24 years old, living in the business center of the Philippines, Makati. Im with my mom and my 3 brothers before we used to all lived together with my Dad until I was 11 years old but then my parents decided to separate but my mom and my dad are good friends already. Also, my family call extended because we live with my grandparents. About my siblings, my brothers and I are close and we do care a lot about each other. We argue sometimes like all brothers and sisters do, but at the same time we laugh a lot. Also, I graduated from University of Makati under the Bachelor Degree of Organizational Communication. I learned from my course that having a good communication and how you know to interact with other people is the most important. I also love to be outside, I love to travel discover new things, discover nature. I like to do fitness but not in the gym, I’m move workout in the nature stuff. And I think it is very important to be outside with the kids too, and show them the beauty of nature. The kids should be keep busy and entertained without smartphones or IPAD, because sadly we truly start forgetting to understand and be aware of the beauty of our environment and live without technology from time to time. Technology is a big help to us too but I hope I can give your children a small piece of that understanding for their life’s and with that great childhood. It would be pleasure for me to live with you and help with your children, see them grow and hopefully let them have such great childhood that I had. But also on the other hand learn as much, form them and you in every aspect of life as I can so if you and your family would love to have an aupair that thinks this way, I would love to be part of your family.

25 år, Philippines

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