Letter to Host Family

I am a filipina. 21 years of age, willing to be part of your family. I would like to describe myself as a Family Orriented, Patient, jolly person, Hardworking and responsible when it comes to the task for me to be more productive aupair. I can do household chores because I know Its a part of working in a family. I really Love kids and spending my free time to them.Kids are so adorable. I believe that when childrens are growing up they really need to take care and nurture. I am very happy when having a bonding with kids.To be honest this will be my first time to work as aupair but I assure you I know how to take care childrens. Growing up as the youngest childrens in the family is my pleasure. Why because this help me to become more responsible as a big sister to all my nieces and Nephews. I used to take care of them when their parents are in work. My responsibility during those days is that baby sitting, send and pick up them from schools and play with them and teach them a moral values and good manner and conduct.That is the reason why I can say I am very familiar in taking care of childrens. Its not easy to take care of kids but when you have the passion and dedication then everything will be easy. I really wanted to be aupair beacuse I want to experience different cultures and learn everything about it. And It is because I want to work in a family where I can help them and share my skills and abilities as Big Sister of their kids And where I can render my service as a aupair. And Last is to Travel, see How wonderful our world is. I hope that you will give me a chance and oppurtunities to work with your family and be a Big sister of my future host siblings.I will be forever grateful as you open your door to me. I am looking forward of it. Godbless you more and Thank You in advance Ma'am and Sir!


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