Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,

Hello my name is Nazarene, but you can call me Naz I’m 22 years old. I don’t have any siblings and I lost my mom during my elementary years so I started to be independent at a young age. I grew up in a country side but moved to the city in 2013 to pursue my college education and was able to complete my Bachelor’s Degree. I am currently working as a sales staff.

I have always been very fond of children and been working with kids throughout my teenage years. Often times I’ve been babysitting for families in my neighborhood when I was in high school. Those children were in the ages of 3 to 11 years old, so I can easily relate to the needs of different ages. The children were both boys and girls.
In order to help my dad to support my college education I lived with my cousin and his family; perform household chores like doing the laundry, cooking and cleaning in return they provide my allowance and help me pay for my tuition fee. Moreover, I help their kids do their homework, fetch them at the school and play with them during weekends.

I think my childcare and household experiences will make me a great au pair. I really want to experience your daily life and learn more about your fascinating culture and your language. On the other hand I’m ready to share about my heritage.

I would be very blessed to have an opportunity to speak with you: to answer questions you may have about my childcare experience and to learn more about your family.Thank you very much for taking your time reading my letter!
I look forward to hear from you and your children.

Kind Regards,
Nazarene Lagadan


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