Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,

My name is Wilfreda. I am a 25 years-old (female) Filipino citizen. I currently live in Davao City Philippines, where I am working as a call center agent for 3 years now I've been working as waitress and cashier for 4 years in a different fine dining restaurant which is also located in the same city i currently lived in.

I come from a family of 5: My parents, are Wilma and Patricio . My mother as a housewife and my father as a laborer.I have two siblings I’m the only girl in the family and so is the eldest so that is why I’m the breadwinner.That’s the very reason why I started working at the age of 18 to finance my studies. I've been working for 8 years now with different kind of Job.Everyone said that I am a housewife material because I do some house chores without the help of the others.Its like im used to this routine.Cleaning is my favorite hobby also.Because I always make sure everything is organized and cleaned.

In about a year or two I plan to pursue my Hospitality/Tourism course, but I am yet to make up my mind concerning my future area of specialization. So, at the moment, I would like to take some time out of academics to have a different life experience, and to have time to calmly reflect on my future academic/professional orientation. To this end, I think spending a year abroad would be particularly interesting.

My first language is, of course, Filipino and I am also fluent in English. I started learning English in primary school, and it was also the language of instruction in the secondary school I attended. I have in addition been taking courses taught in English at university.
I begun learning it in high schooL. I am nevertheless aware that learning a language within a classroom context is by itself, incomplete. I am particularly interested in experiencing family life in different countries since it offers a cultural context that is undoubtedly different from mine. For this reason, I would very much like to find a nice family

25 år, Philippines

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