Letter to Host Family

Dear future family,

My name Jane. I am a lively and cheerful girl with an outgoing personality, I am also talkative. I like busy places, but sometimes I enjoy to do my own things quietly. I am a relatively independent girl, I have a sister, I am the eldest daughter of the family. In addition, I am also a very motivated, hard work when working, not surrender, perseverance.
I like dance since I was a child. I prefer Chinese classical dance, as well as jazz and folk dance. In college, I attended to dance classes, which makes me cherish .I also participated in some performances. In addition, I am interested in painting very much. during college time, there was a special art course face to students who like painting. I was happy to enjoy the pleasure of painting. Of course, there are many other things I like to do: flower arranging, handcrafts, singing, listening music. I studied piano in college, although I don’t play well, some common children's songs are no problem.
If I could be an aupair in your family, first of all, I need to and familiar with children, and children make friends, build trust between each other, may be because of language barrier, of course, may encounter some difficulties, but your attitude determines whether a child like you. Secondly, children's life details and habits should be clearly understood and their cultural customs should be respected. Giving them meticulous care in life can truly treat them as relatives. Thirdly, I will teach the children some simple Chinese according to their age groups and play games with them. Make their life more colorful.
I like Nordic countries, where the country with beautiful nature and free, equal society. I am willing to learn new languages. When difficulties come, i should first think calmly and try to overcome them.
Hope to hear from you!

Best regards

26 år, China

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