Letter to Host Family

To my future host family

Before anything else i would like to greet you a pleasant day ! My name is Teejee rose 28 years old. Currently here in denmark and my contract will be end at december .And im looking for a new host family .Im very much willing to work under your supervision if given a chance and opportunity. I love taking care of children and seeing that they are secured, safety and away from harm.
Playing and seeing them having a good time is my greatest gladness and I'm very much willing to learn from you if it needs improvement to care for them.

I love taking care of children. I came from a big family with auncles, aunties, nieces and nephews. I'm used to taking care of small children.And i worked in Qatar as a domestic helper for morethan 2 years I came from a loving and humble home where my parents taught me how to do household chores from a young age.

I can do cleaning around the house and home chores as needed in the family. I also love pets such as dogs and cats if ever it is in the family. I can cook or lets say i love cooking im willing to learn more if it is needed also. Doing laundry and finish it dry and keep in order in rooms and closets is myway to make the things in order.

Working abroad is a great experience for me I learned more about myself and broaden my horizon in life and I learned also to be independent It is a unique chance for me also to learn a new language and study new culture and experience a new country. I am a family oriented person and I am very looking forward to be a part of your family soon .
Thank you soo much and have a nice day!
You are very much welcome to contact me anytime soon.

Respectfully yours,
Teejee Rose

28 år, Philippines

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