Letter to Host Family

Dear possible host family, good day.

I am 27yrs old a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, I am looking for a possible host family and let me their au partner after my work visa expires on June 2019. I am currently working at UAE - abu dhabi. As part of my task i am taking care of a girl 8yrs old kid and as a cook of the family. Taking care of girl kid were not that hard since I was the one who take care of my nephews and niece (age 2-4yrs old july 2016 to may 2017), since their parents were working abroad during the time. It is more lovely to be able to witness them grow first hand. Able to play and guide them. Cooking was the challenge for me since I don't have the knowledge of the arabic food but I was able to strive hard and understand how they prepare their food. Prior to my work now as a Nanny and cook i was also a production planning Coordinator in a company for more than 2yrs, thus job requires me a lot of patience as you need to communicate both company side and costumer's side to meet each other's goal. I gain more patience, open minded and understanding from both of the jobs i have/had.

Now I am the one who's working away from family to provide for our needs. My family serves as my strength to strive hard to earn more. So with this au pair program, I am thrilled and excited to be part of since I will not only be able to earn financially (to support my family), I can also have the chance to learn and understand new language, culture, environment and the up bringing you have in life your family have. I would also love to be part of whatever activities your family have and try it, experiencing new things also excites me.

Choosing me as your au pair, I will assure you that i will be a helping hand in your family as much as you are towards me. I hope you consider me and help me attain my dreams to explore/learn new things while earning at the same time. Thanks.

Regards, Angel.

Angel Mae
27 år, Philippines

Angel Mae
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United Arab Emirates
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