Letter to Host Family

Dear Future Host Family,

Hi there, host families! I hope you're having a good day.
I'm Jessamae . 21 years old, single, currently living here in the Philippines. I've studied Bachelor in Elementary Education for just a year in Bohol Island State University, one of the universities here in our place. About my family, I'm living with my father and 2 siblings. We're very much loving and caring with each other. When I was in High School, I'm a member of organizaton in School Publication, Religious group and a Training Corp. When I had my college too,been in an organization of Literacy Training Program. My hobbies are listening music or reading books.I'm an adventurous woman. I have many friends in my country and I am cheerful with people normally. I love children and I'm a very friendly person. I love music, to go walk and travel in general. I'm a hard-working person too. I would like to be part of your family as an aupair. I have many reasons and motivation to be part of this experience. In the first place, I find that your culture is interesting, so, I would like to exchange culture in your country. Learn new things, way of living and your traditions is very much appreciated. I've a heard a lot of good things and feedbacks from my co- Filipinos from there about your country and the people there. That's why I also want to experience it to myself. Moreover, I have several experiences in taking good care of children and I make good use of their company. I used to take care of my cousins for many years. I can be their big sister, I can help them with their school assignments, I can cook for them with the foods. I'm interested to learn how to cook dishes from your country. So, I think, it is a very good opportunity to know your culture by doing something I like, that is playing with children and of course helping with your stuffs. I'm also very much willing to learn and study your language spoken there just to have good communication with you.
Thank you!

22 years, Philippines

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