Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family!

I'm Karen Sheene, from the Philippines.I would describe myself as loving, caring and very enthusiastic person. I love food, travelling and I love to share with you my culture and the beauty of our country. I am also interested in learning new language. I love reading books , story telling to kids, singing and dancing.

My family have 7 members, I have 4 brothers, 1 sister, and my mother.My father died when I was still 4. Growing up I used to look for my brother since my mother is busy working to earn money to raise us. I helped my mother doing laundry, cooking food and tidying the house. House chores and running errand is not a new thing for me. During Hs and college I was a working student at the age of 17 yrs old. Where I took good care 2 children both girls. 4 and 7 years old. My job was to clean the house, tutor them with their school stuff, feed them and send them to school and at night I am a student.

I wanted to become an Aupair because, I want to experience a new place and learn new culture and language. As well share to your family my culture and values.I have a warm heart for children and my nephews and nice means so much to me. Aside from travelling, my main goal is to learn. I am very excited to start my journey.

I am good in following rules and you need not to worry I can be your children's good sister and a good member of the family. I love kids and I am so fond of taking care of them like my own siblings. I know it would not be easy but I am willing to learn and I am very teachable.

I hope to find you my future host family. I know that you have many questions to ask for me. I am willing to do an interview anytime of the day. I hope to hear from you soon!

Truly Yours,

24 years, Philippines

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