Letter to Host Family

Dearest Second Family,

Mabuhay! I’m 26 years old and is actively looking for my first host family. It is my first time to be an “au pair” but not the first time being an amazing aunt or “tita” as we call it here in The Philippines and I believe that is the best experience I have and can offer. A few things about me:

I have a Higher National Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management and I have travelled all over Asia and Australia (and hopefully, to your country soon!)

I worked in the customer service industry for 7 years. I have studied, lived and worked in Singapore for 5 and have been back here in the Philippines for 2 years.

I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew (1, 5 & 7yo) they’re all living with my sister in Nuremberg, Germany. I have countless title cousins and I have seen and helped them all growing up.

I am very fluent in English and I would love to share that knowledge to your children and I also hope to learn your language. I’m currently taking A1 German here in Goethe, Makati Philippines.

I love to cook so if you’ve been curious about Filipino food I can definitely cook you some, but pasta, stews, steaks and salads are also my specialties. We have a small catering business and i cook most of the dishes. I can also sing and dance so if your children are aspiring artists, I can help with that!

Being the youngest in the family, growing up I have always been showered with love and I have always wanted to share it. I have always loved children and having worked in customer service I can say that helping has always been my passion and making people happy gives me a sense of fulfillment and joy.

I dream of becoming an Au Pair mainly for this reason but as well as to be given the opportunity to travel around Europe and different parts of the world in my free time. I want to visit my sister and my nieces and nephew and I have read great things about the different kinds of au pair experiences and I hope one day they could read about mine too.

27 years, Philippines

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