Letter to Host Family

Dear host family,

My name is Joanna 26 years old, single from Philippines. I live in a beautiful Queen City of the South in Cebu. Eldest o of the 2 siblings with one boy and girl .I came from a simple and loving family. I am very happy that my family supports on my decision to become an au pair. I worked before in my aunties hardware for almost 7 years I played very important role in that store my duty was aside from selling the construction materials I am also responsible of their grand children to take good care to them, I am very responsible, trustworthy, friendly, and open-minded person. I love listening to music, I love to play with kids during my free time , we usually watch the nursery rhymes most of the time in youtube . I have very long patience in all aspects especially with kids since I am the eldest i. And I used to took good care with my brother since our gap was 10 years and my sister was 13 years. My responsibilities with them includes was bringing and fetching them to school packing their meals when they started schooling. I help them on their assignments when needed to. When they're little I used to feed them, change their diaper, be with them most of the time because since the parents were busy working at night. I always make sure that they have enough sleep, physical activities and playtime. I am happy that I am part of their life while growing up, seeing their first step, crawl, words they say. It’s really a daunting task but it really helps me to be more mature and responsible. Being involved in their life while growing up is a crucial life lessons I gained. The amount of time I’ve spent with them with all tiring and sleepless nights I’ve had is really worth it in the end. Knowing that they’re now grown up healthy, and smart kid. Patience is everything.
I am also hardworking especially at home. All household chores I do it mostly. I clean every day the house since I was trained by my mother when I’m still young .

27 år, Philippines

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