Letter to Host Family

Dear Host family,
My Name is Maria, I'm 23 years of age and currently living in Paranaque City Philippines. I’m the oldest in the Family. I have 3 siblings, 2 girls and 1 boy. They are currently living with my father while me and my mom live together with her new family. I’m energetic always eager to learn new skills. I ‘am dependable person, patient and know how to manage time. I use creative approach to problem solve. I ‘am flexible, hardworking and honest.

My hobbies are swimming, playing with kids, gardening, hiking, travelling, dancing and singing and lot more but during my spare time I prefer to read books and watch movies. I would love to become your next Au Pair because I love children and enjoy spending time with them. Being an Au Pair will give me an opportunity to meet other people and to experience different kind of culture. I will get a chance to work with your children’s, have a hand in their upbringing and watch them grow. It will also give me perfect opportunity to have a decent income while studying the other culture.

I have a lot of experience taking care a 0-12 years old but it wasn't contractual because it was my siblings when there were younger. When my mom and dad decided to part ways, me and my 3 sibling grew up without having our mom besides us. Being the oldest all the responsibility that mom should do left on me. I was the one who took care of my siblings for over 6 years. I am prepared and I am well aware of the fact that being like a big sister for your children comes along with responsibilities for them and it will not always be just play and fun. I will make sure to help you take care of your kids and I will treat them as my own siblings. I will surely play and help them if they have homework. I know that Au pairs job descriptions are not always very clear but whatever it is I will make sure to give my very best just to fulfill my duties and responsibilities as an Au pair.

I can't wait to hear back from you! :)

Maria Teresa

24 years, Philippines

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