Letter to Host Family

Dear Host Family,
I'm Jenelyn , a 26 years old outgoing, organize, and hard-working Filipino. I am currently living in the Philippines. I experienced to work in a Mexican restaurant here in Philippines, it was very wonderful experienced for me. The Owner was so kind and understanding. I am closed so much to the customer who came in, the said restaurant. And I also worked in Mall supermarket as a cashier. And now, I am currently working in a private company since 2 of April 2018.But it's my pleasure and honored for me if you are willing to pick me as an au pair in your family.
Regarding my experience, I have knowledge and skills in babysitting, housekeeping, and cooking. Basically, cooking Asia is definitely my passion. I believe I'm in advance skills and because, I can manage to work everything in organize manner such as cleaning, washing, & ironing.
I had also experienced in Dubai as a domestic helper. I taking care of kids, do the householdchores, and cooking..
I'm a person you can trust, open-minded, and good in adjustments. I'm also a person to learn on, responsible, and friendly. I enjoy playing & taking care of young children especially infants and toddlers. I'm always grateful helping and educating children new things to expand their knowledge. I also believe, respect and understanding is the key for good relationship between Au pair and host family. Thank you and I hope you'll consider me as your future Au-pair. Have a wonderful day ahead!
Best regards,
Jenelyn E.

26 years, Philippines

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