Letter to Host Family

Dear family,
My name is Milica and I come from a small country called Serbia.
I'm creative, cheerful and simple person. People say that I'm inventive, humble, reliable and careful. Also, I'm vegetarian and my diet is very important for me. I love animals so much and I would be very happy if you have pets.
My family is big. I have two older sisters and little brother. My father has a small farm and a mill and my mom helps him. My sisters are going on uni and my brother is in middle school. I think that growing up with siblings is advantage because you learn how to share and not to be selfish and also you always have somebody by your side.
I have experience in au pairing. Right now I live as au pair in Shanghai and I've been doing this for 8 months. My host family is very nice and open towards me and even though we come from completely different cultures, we have good relationship. I like kids because they are like little people and there are so many opportunities and ways for them to grow up and become big persons.
My hobbies? I'm most passionate about art and that's something I want to study and devote my life to it. I love music very much. I've finished music school and I play cello and some basics of piano. Reading and writing is important part of my life and I would be happy to read to your children. I'm doing yoga and I like to swim and play volleyball. (Honestly, I'm not so good in volleyball but playing it makes me very happy.) I love traveling and outdoor activities, especially hiking.
My goal is to improve my Norwegian and study art in Norway next year so I want to experience Norwegian way of life before I go on Uni. Being part of Norwegian family is the best way for learning about Norwegian culture.

20 years, Serbia

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