Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,

I am the Eldest among of 4. I have two brothers, 1 sister.
When it comes to childcare experience, I have helped my parents look after my siblings since birth. I spent morethan a year being a nanny to my Aunt with 3 children, a boy (newborn) and 2 girls (5 years old)(3years old) . Most of the time are spent with kids especially after school. Playing with them, doing some activities both indoor/outdoor depending on the weather, I change the diaper , bathing , walking outside, and whenever his mother had some important errands in evening I was the one taking care of him. I do household chores if kids are in a nap or at school. My daily routine is quite more with kids, dressing them up, giving milk and/or food, reading books, doing puzzle or other educational toys, playing outside when weather is nice or going to an indoor playground sometimes.

I indeed had a great experience with kids. I’ve found out and realized how much fun it is to have children around. I find it fulfilling as it gives me the satisfaction of helping out a family. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to continue my journey with a new family soon and very excited to experience a new way of life and culture. It would be great chance to spend another year or more with you and your kids. I hope we can develop a good relationship, working and living together as a family.

I have a big heart for kids ,I am kind, friendly , flexible, reliable , dedicated, Industrious, happy person and responsible

I assure you that you can rely everything to me, your kids will be safe with me and I will give my very best to serve my hostfamily :)

22 år, Philippines

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