The right au pair for the right Family
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Dear Host Family,

First of all I want to thank you for reading my letter and for giving me the chance to give you a little impression of me and the reasons why I would like to become an Au Pair. My name is Janclaire Pasion Pinera, born on the 14th of July 1993. I'm a Filipino, and a former domestic helper in Hongkong and I am now currently living here in the Philippines. I finished Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English. I love helping and taking care of people especially taking care of children which I can apply my knowledge and share my values. If you will give me a chance to be a part of your family, I'll be grateful. We can help each other to learn new possible things based on your culture and my culture. We can help each other molding your children to the most possible way they could be. The most important reason why I want to be an AU PAIR of course is that I like children. I love them, because they represent all the innocence which we lost growing up. I love seeing how they develop and learn new things every day and I would be really grateful if you’ll give me the chance to learn more about your culture which is my greatest wish. I’m looking forward to try new things. I’ve chosen Europe because I would really like to learn more about your special traditions, and because of that, I’m looking forward trying out new things, get to know the European way of life and also to have unforgettable experience. Furthermore I love to travel but my dream is traveling to Europe one day. I’ve never been there but I think it’s a fascinating country I want to learn more about. Now I would like to tell you more about my experiences with children. I started to look after children when I was in highschool until I graduated in college. I also worked in Hongkong and took care of 2 year-old kid for 6 months. I have so much experience in taking care of children especially when I was still in the field of teaching. I would be really excited to live with you.