Letter to Host Family

Dear family,
My name is Moreen and I am 21yrs old. Currently I live in Denmark where I have been working as an au pair since November 2017. I take care of 4 kids; 3 boys aged and a little girl of 7 years. We also have 2 of the most cutest dogs ever. This by far has been the best experience of my life. I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt as part of the family. The amount of love I have received from the kids as well as the extended family is overwhelming and I am saddened to leave.
I love travelling and I have had the opportunity to travel to several countries in Europe during my holidays. These include France, Netherlands, Belgium,Austria and Monaco which I visited with my host family. Currently I am planning a trip to Spain during this summer vacation which I am really excited about. Travelling has helped me understand how beautiful the world is, how amazing people are, just how much more there is to see and learn and has made me appreciate life more.
I also enjoy cooking which I do a lot in my current host family as it gives me so much joy to prepare a meal that the whole family enjoys. I love reading, bowling, hanging out with friends, cycling, running and going for walks (a passion that my host mom instilled in me as we bonded a lot going for walks together)
I would really love to continue being an au pair because I have had an amazing time and got to learn so much. I am without a doubt, a much better person now because of this process. I love kids and it blows my mind when I look back to the fond memories we've created together and I want to continue taking care of them.
Also, I have always had a dream of pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and I have been on a journey of saving up for my tuition fee despite having to support my family back home but i believe that all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them and I want to continue working hard towards fulfilling the dream of becoming an engineer.

21 år, Kenya

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November 2019