Letter to Host Family

Dear future host family and kids,

Hej from Asia's City of Love - Iloilo, Philippines!
I'm excited to take this fantastic opportunity to experience the daily life in Scandinavia and to grow with your kids.

My name is Ciel. I am originally from Iloilo, where people are as sweet as our mangoes. My family and friends would describe me as a kind, easy to talk to, and cheerful person. I'm into aviation, traveling, and watching figure skating events. I was raised by a single mother. I'm an only child, but I used to live with my goddaughter until she turned 10. When I was entrusted with her, I had helped her with her homework and prepare for exams. We chat about anything under the sun, and she considers me her ‘idol friend.’ On weekends, we also bonded with her mom, eating out and having fun :)

Likewise, I've been studying Japanese for 4 years in order to relate to the difficulties of learning a foreign language. I'm excited to learn yours! In return, I can be a language tutor to your kids. Learning foreign languages also led me to engage in volunteering alongside university students from Japan. Together, we played cultural games with the children living in a dumpsite, while their parents are making eco bags out of juice tetra paks.

What I did for them, I can also do for your family.
I'm also happy to do light household chores like tidying up and cooking simple Filipino food such as our famous Adobo and Turon (banana fritters.)

Most importantly, I would like to share the same warmth our people is known for to your family, especially to your kids. While it may be challenging to live in a foreign country as an Au Pair, I will do my best to support your family.

After my stay, I would use everything I learn to pursue my dream of becoming an in-flight interpreter.

Thank you for your time. If you are interested to get to know me better, I would be delighted!

Big Sister Ciel

25 år, Philippines

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