Letter to Host Family

Hi, I wish to apply as Au pair in Norway.

I hope to be welcome and treated as another member of a warm and caring family. I will be your Au pair to take an active part in your family, to share in your culture and be a big sister and great help with your kid and doing general works in the house.

I am Lovely , 29 years old, from the Philippines. I am the youngest daughter of Fe and Malik . I have elder sister and brother. I finished my 2nd year in nursing, undergraduate student. I am currently an Au pair here in Denmark, and my contract will end this March 26, 2020.I will go back to the Philippines after my contract because i dont want to have a bad record. I am hoping that you will consider in hiring me from the Philippines to Norway.Since i cannot go directly to Norway because of the rules.

My friends like me because I am friendly, cheerful, adaptable, responsible, sincere and mature. I think I am someone who is kind, outgoing, hardworking, loyal, committed and loving. My cleaning skills are good. I can cook and prepare food for my host family.

I meet your expectations to be responsible, a quick learner and paying attention to all routines. Most of all, I wish to know you and your family and treat as my own in Norway. I value in investing time to build good relations with you and the children. I want them to be comfortable with me and know that I can be their thoughtful sister. I will always be concern of their safety, comfort and health.

I like kids. I am a great babysitter and childminder with experience. In my younger years, I used to baby sit my cousin, Ace every time I go to their place. I help my Aunt in feeding him and playing. When my elder sister gave birth to her first child Queenie, I helped her with her kid and After a year when my sister gave birth to her second child Prince, I also helped take care of him. We have this special bond.
i hope you will consider me as your next potential Aupair.

Best, Lovely.


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