Letter to Host Family

My name is Nattaya . You can call me Fai or Fay, they are my nicknames. I came from Khonkaen but now, I live in Samut Prakan, Thailand. There are five people in my family including dad, mom, two elder brothers and me as the last one. My dad works as general manager. My mom works as chief of the office. I graduated from Rangsit University, majoring in English language. After graduated I worked as data entry officer under control by Ministry of Industry of Thailand at Mitr Phol (Chiyaphum) Sugar Factory. After that I opened Internet & Games shop. It was very popular with teenagers and kids. I saw many kids being so much happy and had fun with their friends. I decided to give internet shop to my elder brother and opened the coffee shop instead. Exactly there was popular for family. The parents took their kids for my café, and I was so happy when their kids liked my dessert. That was a great time for me and made me realize that I love being around children very much. As for my childcare experience, I started collecting hours of childcare at Baby Sensory Paradise Park Center for over 300 hours. There are around 40 kids (4 months – 4 years). They will come only day that enroll in their course. My general responsibilities include playing with the kids, teacher assistant to prepare the material, looking for the kid’s safety. In the classes, there were furnished by the big playthings with soft surface as to support the little kids who were in the process of learning how to balance themselves when moving. I played with them I tried to be careful with their step every movement. I sang with them, talked to them, enjoyed activities with them. Many times, I asked those short questions, they loved answering and speaking. Then I taught them to call thing and show the gesture sometimes for let them learn and try to do activities by themselves.

28 years, Thailand

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