Letter to Host Family

Dear Family:

Greetings of Peace and Prosperity !

I am Florence Jean P. Gayotin, 25 years old, a Filipino citizen, and a graduate of Bachelor of Technology Education major in Technology and Livelihood Education. I came from a small family consisting of four (4) members. I am the eldest in the family and I have one sibling and he is now married with two children. My parents taught me to be responsible with the household chores, assist my younger brother in doing his task.
I am currently working as a substitute public school teacher. I also became a regular classroom teacher for two (2) years in a private elementary institution here in our city. With the teaching experiences I had I was able to handle primary and secondary learners that made me capable of handling students of different ages and mold me as a flexible teacher. I do not smoke nor drink. As a young woman I love travelling and to experience and explore others' culture. Europe is one of my dream destinations since I was young. I also wanna explore and experience European places and their living to share my experiences soon to some children who want to explore Europe and I know it will be a good experience to be treasured for the rest of my life through this program. In exchange, I can offer my skills and experiences, prepare simple meals, take good care of your children and can do light household chores as I stay with you. I look forward to this as a great privilege to explore, experience new things, meet new friends, and at the same time to learn new skills that is essential in future living.

I have a happy disposition, I am motivated and hard-working person who is willing to learn and contribute to have a positive outcome. Given the opportunity, I would apply myself with great interest to do the task, ensuring that I get the job done on time accurately and efficiently.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you and may God bless you.

Sincerely yours,


25 år, Philippines

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