Letter to Host Family

Dear future family host,
Hello maam/sir, my name is Melody , filipina, single, I am 25 years old, eldest with my 2 sisters.I worked as a nanny of 3 children last in Dubai. My experience there was good. Im glad and happy that my previous employer give me their trust to handle their children. I always love to be with children, playing with them, having a conversation with them and bond with them. Is like, when I’m with children I can feel that I’m going back in my childhood experience again, playing, painting, reading, singing and dancing with them, because they’re very innocent, very natural. Is like, with them is such a wonderful feeling because they’re very true, honest and they will not even judge you, they can give love and care back if you give them love and show them how you care. I can say this also base on my 2 years experience of childcare in Dubai.
I love to cook, bake and explore new different things like driving. I can’t drive a car ‘coz we don’t have one but I really wanted to learn. during my leisure time I used to watch documentary videos, read and explore and learn things from my new environment. One of the reason why I work hard is wanting to gave them a own comfortable house and support my parents so they don’t need to work. After my Au pair stay, if I already got enough money to support my college. I would love to continue my studies and finish college. So I could get better job.
As of now, I am currently working here in Hong kong as Domestic helper. As you hear and watch in the news all over the world about the trouble, chaos, rally, protest, and violence here in hong kong is still ongoing and getting worser and worser. I came here last July 12, 2019. I keep this account activated because I am not sure about what will happen in my application here. Our president already declare the repatriation of filipino’s worker here for our safety, but it’s not yet approve.
Thank you! Looking forward to meet you soon.

25 years, Philippines

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Hong Kong
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