Letter to Host Family

Dear Future Host Family, I'm Kenneth a jolly, a dependable and hardworking. Because of the past experiences I know my self that I'm capable doing such work. When we were in my elementary days, at a very young age I already know how to do household chores, my parents taught us at younger age because they don't want us to become lazy in the future. At early age, I worked for 6 years as a nanny with a relative while Im studying in high school, I need to take care of the 3 kids and doing all household chores. After that 6 years, I decided to apply as a vegetable sales lady in Manila and nanny at the same time thats why I did not end up going to college. When I reached the right age to go to abroad, I did not think twice, working in abroad can help my family's needs. I'am already 4 years working as a domestic helper here in Singapore, my present empIoyer is a French national, so they are from Europe. Im taking care of two kids ages 5 years old and 2 years old, Im too attached to those little kids and I love taking care kids as if they were my own. With all the experiences being a nanny/domestic helper I think Im suitable to become your au pair. Now, I'm writing this because I want to earn more for my family, I will do all decent work for them. I want my parents not to experience hardships anymore, I want them at 60 they can enjoy their life especially my father because he is experiencing a disease that is complicated. To make it short, I want a comfort life for my family, because family is love. I'am hoping for a prospective host family that could consider my capabilities in serving them. Thanks a lot for the time reading my letter but letting me to have a prospective family would be more grateful.

30 år, Philippines

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