Letter to Host Family

Hello My Dear Host Fam
Please give me a chance to help you in everyday life
(Since this is limited,I ll make it brief)

I am Kamelle,22, from Philippines.

I can perform these following duties :

 - 5 mons. to 3 yrs old.
-open for 1 to 14 yrs old
- I have almost 3 years of experience; from waking up, feeding,taking his vitamins,bathing,dressing,laundrying their clothes, changing diaper, taking nap, playtime (outdoor&indoor), teaching(educational), & to bedtime. I sing them a lullaby.

- preparing lunch box
-Cleaning (vacuuming/sweeping dust)
-prepare meals
-washing dishes
-garbage pull-out
- I prefer to have pet,esp. Dog.

-I list down all the things/foods-to-buy before going to the store/market
-I can drive a bike

-our Filipino traditional dishes (adobo,pancit,fried fish, etc.,)
-grilled and fried
-learning other recipe

*I am open to:
+ extension hour/s
+negotiable pocket money
+but above all I respect what tasks you want me to do & I will do it with all my heart

___ My dearest Host Family,
I am here to deeply help you with all my heart in our everyday lives to make it convenience. As your Au Pair, I am matured, Independent, positive, initiative, honest, patient, open-minded, easy-going, responsible,flexible & I love kids so much. I am hoping that we will be the perfect match & I will treat you and the kid/s as my own family to love & care.

I always dream to travel and experience living and exploring different beautiful cultures, amazing places, great lifestyle and meeting new people in Europe countries. I prayed to God to give me ways/instrument to reach all of my dreams. Through Aupair Program I could have the chance to experience the life which I always wanted and recently it gives me more interest since I love designs especially interior I am hoping I can get more ideas how each
culture play a part of interior designing.

Sincerely yours,
Kamelle "Mel"

22 years, Philippines

Reference ID:
Current country:
Native language:
Foreign language skills:
Marital status
Has got driver license
Has experience in childcare
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