Letter to Host Family

Dear future Host family,

I'm Juavie Jenny , "juav" for short, I'm 26 years old, an IT graduate, single and very much willing to learn and explore. Coming from well founded values-oriented type of family, I will be respectful of your values and traditions as a family as well. I’m the eldest of 3 all girl siblings. Growing up, I was taught to be responsible, independent and well-disciplined. I have been in charge of my younger siblings whenever my parents are not around and I'm very protective of them. I prepare food, do the cleaning and keep them company. I can assure you that I am easy to deal with, dependable and take on initiative and could do well of a tasks and chores. You can expect that I will submit to the family's rules and help out in anyway that I can in the household chores. I will take care your kids with patience and understanding.

I am flexible, open-minded and very much willing to learn and be thought most especially with the type of culture or things that is new to me. I'm hoping we could get along well and be able to find true helping relationship in the future.

I am also into music, during my free time I play drums and I’m still learning to play piano/keyboard and guitar (still in a working progress). I also teach my brother in playing drums and keyboard, its one way of our bonding.

The best way to learn about a different culture is to live it, by becoming a part of your family and caring for your children, I’ll be learning firsthand what it’s like to live in other country. While living abroad, I’ll become more self-reliant, improve and learn new language as well and take on responsibilities that will help me grow in many ways. When I return home, I’ll have many new skills and friends from around the world and good memories to treasure.

Hoping for your favorable response and I’m excited to meet you. Looking forward hearing from you soon. Thank you.


26 years, Philippines

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