Letter to Host Family

Dear Family

My name is Karen and im 24 years old. I have a good experience in child care. I am currently taking care of two lovely babies, they are twins and I have been taking care of them since their new born days up to now that they are Todlers. I can do chores in the house, such as doing the laundry, washing the dishes etc. I have a knowledge in cooking. I normally cook from breakfast to dinner and snacks. I mostly cook filipino foods and pastas. I can describe my self as a friendly person who loves to talk and share good thoughts and spread positivity to the people around me. I am very hands on When it comes to the responsibilities that is given to me and can do multitasking as well. I am a happy and a loving person i likes spending time with kids and loves cooking. I am very hands on in doing chores and I would describe myself as a happy and a free soul and i would say that i am always on the go or ready to do things that is needed to do. . I want to be an aupair to take this as an opportunity to learn new things by exploring different culture while staying in with a host family. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone to grow as an individual. I believe that being an aupair is a great opportunity to experience living in different country and I firmly believe that this would help me personally. I am willing to learn and experience different things!

To my future host Family, HELLO!
Feel free to send me and email and I would love to talk to you soon and lets get to know each other. I am willing to try and learn different things everyday. Rest assure that i will give you much love and respect to every member of the family. Let us laugh and make good memories together.

I am so excited to talk and to meet you soon.
Hoping to hear from you.


24 years, Philippines

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