Letter to Host Family

Very Patient, fun, very reliable, clean and tidy, respectful and easy to work with. I love children. I read quite alot cause I enjoy learning new stuff through reading books. I enjoy music and art, and anything fun .e.g hiking, going to the beach, hiking, cycling. I really love cooking. I'm a good cook always ready to try new recipes! I would love to learn as many languages as i can!
I love sports, actively involved in Tennis until about a year ago when I stopped training, I watch alot of Soccer and Rugby. I also swim and i enjoy cycling. I go to the gym at times, i occasionally run and do walks, as well as yoga. Planning to get back to tennis and more Gym in the near future. I love nature and plants that smell great, a bit into gardening.

I have a warm and friendly personality, so I make friends fast, and this also allows me to get along with others well. I am very open-minded and reliable. I believe in proper communication. Given, i am a very good communicator and i will express my ideas/ concerns respectfully as to not offend the other person. In the same way, i appreciate the same from others. I'm more of an introvert but i also love the outdoors so sometimes i will be out and about, and others you will most definitely find me home with my book or in the kitchen making something yummy!
Other than that, my professional interests are in the Medical field and International Relations/ Diplomacy.
I have a very keen interest in Humanitarian work.

I come a medical family; my mom is a nurse with over 20yrs experience working at a Government hospital, my father was a Pharmacist with his own Pharmacy business here in Nairobi.

I enjoy a good challenge, and I'm always willing to learn something new. I have the ability to make sober decisions as well as remain calm during difficult situations. I don't give up easily. I am generally very calm and composed, not the type to jump all over when excited or shout when I'm annoyed. Tolerance is also one of my strengths.

26 years, Kenya

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