Letter to Host Family

Dear Family,
I am looking forward to be part of your family and to participate in many activities with you. I would love to share my time and experience with you and I would also love to learn from you. I can cook, I love music and nature. I love traveling and getting to know stories of places!. I love to be with kids, because I always dream to have one of my own someday. And I believe my knowledge and experience as being a Psychology graduate can make it easier for me to deal with kids. I also do groceries here in my present host family, because when we lack something, I take initiative so that my host dad will not be stressed when he comes home from work (since he is a single parent). Aside from that, I do the normal routine like, tidy up the house when they leave to school and work, set up the table during breakfast and dinner, vacuum clean everyday for kitchen and living room, wash toilets and change towels and bedsheets. I also cook during dinner and make lunchboxes for everyone. I wash and fold and file clothes in their cabinets sometimes. And since we have a rabbit, I check on her every morning and feed her when there's not enough food and water in his small hay. I am always patient and understanding. Finishing my degree, I was committed to be at help of others. I also have future plans of using my degree or atleast practice or applying it in the real world no matter what occupation I am presented with, but because of my family's needs I sacrificed my dreams in order to help them first. I hope you will contact me if there's more of other things you want to discuss and ask about me, my email is

Yours truly,
Kayzee :)

27 years, Philippines

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October 2020